Is the Temperature on Your Thermostat Correct?

Thermostat installation in Northern VA

Oftentimes, when HVAC systems break down, the problem lies within the thermostat. Your air conditioner could work perfectly well, but if your thermostat is broken you won’t know how warm or cool your house is. If you suspect you have a thermostat problem, call 703-897-5505 to send a W.E. Beavers Jr. Heating & Cooling contractor to your home to check it out.

3 reasons to install a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat

3 reasons to install a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat

We install smart programmable, Wi-Fi-enabled, touch-screen thermostats for our clients in Northern VA. We can also install standard thermostats, but we often encourage homeowners to go with a smart thermostat for the following reasons:

  1. You’ll save money. Your smart thermostat will turn off the air when your home has reached a comfortable temperature.
  2. You can make your home comfortable from afar. Change the temperature from your phone on your way back from the airport, so you can enter a nice and cool house ASAP.
  3. You can monitor your indoor air quality. Save yourself the hassle of having to call an inspector.


Make your life easier by installing a smart thermostat in your Woodbridge or Lorton, VA-area home. Contact W.E. Beavers Jr. Heating & Cooling right now to learn how.